Now Available: Northern Gothic

 A new longish short story to buy on Amazon. Other sites coming soon. Here is the (current) blurb… I’m   not sure if it captures the whole “aura” of the story yet:

 Against her wishes, Emily’s family drags her up north for Halloween. She can think of a lot better vacations than Von Weber Manor: no Internet, no cable, and no reception.

She soon learns that two ghosts wander Von Weber Manor: Ezra and Casimir; one dark, one light. But perhaps the person Emily should fear the most is not a ghost at all: Sylvia, last of the Von Weber family, hides behind black sunglasses and a parka, claiming she is sensitive to light.

A 5,000 word short story (approximately 23 printed pages).


Coming Soon: A dark fairy tale retelling of “Snow White.” Fun Fact: In Grimm’s Fairy Tales, it’s actually called “Snowdrop.” At least, in the version I have.


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