Free — 24 Horror and Dark Fantasy Books for Halloween

Mine fits more into the dark fantasy / dark fairy-tale retelling border, but you can grab 24 free horror books (as well as ‘Benedictum’) at this site!



Two fairy-tale short stories available

This semi-dark, occasionally humorous story is available on Amazon, Kobo, BN, and Smashwords.


Anna Godiva sets the record straight and tells the actual story of “Snow White.”

In the Fairytale Kingdom, a woman wishes for a girl with skin as white as snow, cheeks as red as blood, and hair as black as her ebony window frame. Unfortunately, the incompetent fairy misunderstands, and gives her a child with bones as white as snow, eyes as red as blood, and a heart as black as the ebony window-frame. Thus, Skull White is born.

What follows is the real tale of “Snow White”: a tale of envy, selfishness and justice undelivered; and an outcast’s struggle to find her place in a superficial world.

This mostly serious fantasy retelling is available on Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords. Barnes and Noble and Kobo coming any time now.


Sleeping Beauty wasn’t as nice as the Grimms would have you believe…

Good Times, the capital of the Fairytale Kingdom, basks in eternal summer and sunshine. But some would argue that evil lurks in its palm-lined golden streets.

Hugh, son of the muck-scrubber, is not the lowest rung on the social ladder of Good Times High School; he is outside of it, alone and invisible.

Still, he falls in love with Princess Beauty, queen bee of GTHS, and will do anything to impress her. Meanwhile, a wall of thorns grows around her parent’s castle, and no one knows why.